Damian Priest emerged from Clash at the Castle still holding the World Heavyweight Championship, but his right leg was giving him trouble. After his match with Drew McIntyre, where his leg got caught in the ropes during a springboard attack, Priest struggled to walk and needed assistance from McIntyre to untangle himself. Throughout the rest of the match, Priest limped around the ring and had difficulty standing up at times.

At the post-show press conference, Priest, still limping, demanded respect from everyone present before addressing questions about his ankle. He admitted that his leg felt terrible and acknowledged that he had not sought medical attention from WWE’s medical team. Despite the injury, Priest remained optimistic about facing Gunther at SummerSlam.

It is likely that Priest will undergo a thorough examination to determine the extent of his injury. CM Punk speculated that Priest may have torn his hamstring, while Paul “Triple H” Levesque expressed concern for the champion’s well-being. Although Levesque did not provide an update on Priest’s condition, he emphasized the risks of injuries in wrestling and highlighted the importance of storytelling in WWE’s approach to the sport.

Levesque expressed hope for a positive outcome for Priest but did not give a timeline for when more information would be available. He noted that Priest’s ability to walk around after the match might be due to adrenaline masking the pain. As the situation unfolds, fans will be waiting anxiously for updates on Priest’s condition and his future in the ring.