David Duchovny Says He’ll Always Feel ‘Inadequate’ as a Parent: ‘That’s Just Me Beating Myself Up’ (Exclusive)


David Duchovny Opens Up About Parenting Struggles and Lessons Learned

David Duchovny, known for his roles in Californication and The X-Files, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with PEOPLE to discuss his feelings of inadequacy as a parent.

The two-time Golden Globe winner shares two children, West and Kyd, with ex-wife Téa Leoni. Duchovny admits that he always feels inadequate as a parent, despite his children turning out to be great individuals.

Throughout his career, Duchovny has juggled fatherhood and a successful acting career, which included TV and film projects, recording studio albums, writing books, and even launching a podcast. Despite his busy schedule, Duchovny reflects on the importance of being engaged with his children’s lives.

As his children have grown, Duchovny’s perspective on parenting has evolved. He now embraces the idea of wanting his children to face challenges and obstacles, as he believes that the best lessons come from overcoming difficulties.

In his reflections on the past 25 years of parenting, Duchovny emphasizes the unconditional love he feels for his children and the profound impact they have had on his life.

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