Dick and Angel Strawbridge Announce Return to Channel 4 with New Travel Series

DICK and Angel Strawbridge have made a triumphant comeback to Channel 4 after a year of absence following a controversial incident that led to their axing from the broadcaster. The popular TV couple is set to star in their final series titled “Dick and Angel’s Secret France.”

In a statement shared on social media, Dick and Angel expressed their excitement about the upcoming travel series, which is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, June 2nd at 8 pm. The duo revealed that the show will take viewers on a journey to discover hidden gems in France, away from the usual tourist spots.

Fans of the couple were quick to show their support and enthusiasm for their return, flooding them with messages of encouragement and anticipation for the new series. Despite the challenges they faced in the past, Dick and Angel remain grateful for the opportunity to share their adventures with their loyal audience once again.

The new series was filmed prior to the incident that led to Angel’s departure from Channel 4, and the network has made it clear that they are standing by their decision to keep the couple off the air. However, the return of Dick and Angel to the screen has been met with overwhelming positivity from their dedicated fan base.

For those unfamiliar with Dick and Angel Strawbridge, the couple rose to fame in 2016 with their hit series “Escape to the Chateau,” which chronicled their journey of renovating a historic French mansion. Over the years, they captured the hearts of viewers with their charm and determination as they transformed their 45-bedroom chateau into a stunning masterpiece.

Despite the challenges they have faced, Dick and Angel’s resilience and passion for adventure have endeared them to fans around the world. As they gear up for the premiere of “Dick and Angel’s Secret France,” audiences can look forward to another captivating and inspiring chapter in the couple’s remarkable story.