Drew McIntyre: WWE Star Reveals Love for Cats in Heartwarming Interview

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In a recent interview, Drew McIntyre opened up about his deep love for cats, showcasing a softer side to the WWE star known for his fierce in-ring persona. Despite his rivalry with CM Punk and his focus on World Championship matches, McIntyre has a soft spot for his furry companions.

During a Q&A session on TikTok, accompanied by his cat Chaz, McIntyre revealed that he used to be highly allergic to cats but overcame it for the love of his feline friend. He emphasized that nothing would come between him and Chaz, highlighting the bond they share.

When asked about his affinity for cats, McIntyre compared them to dogs, noting that cats require trust to form a bond, unlike dogs who readily give out love. He also mentioned reaching out to fellow cat dad Steve Austin, expressing admiration for the relationship they have with their pets.

With four cats in his household, McIntyre enjoys the companionship and unique dynamic that cats bring into his life. Despite his busy schedule in the wrestling world, McIntyre finds solace in spending time with his beloved cats.

Away from the ring, Drew McIntyre’s love for animals shines through, showcasing a different side to the powerhouse wrestler. His openness about his love for cats adds a heartwarming touch to his public persona, resonating with fans who appreciate his softer side.