‘DWTS’ Alum Cheryl Burke Urges Celebrity Contestants to Stay Single If They Want to Join Show

Former “Dancing With The Stars” pro Cheryl Burke recently shared some valuable advice for future celebrity contestants looking to join the hit network TV series. Burke, who concluded her 26-season stint on the ABC dance competition show in 2022, highlighted the common occurrences of romances between the “DWTS” pros and their celebrity partners, revealing that she had engaged in three “showmances” during her time on the series.

In a recent episode of her “DWTS” podcast “Sex, Lies & Spray Tans,” Burke discussed the reasons behind the development of feelings between celebrities and pros during filming. She described the pros and their celebrity partners’ rigorous rehearsal schedule, which demands an “insane” amount of time together, leading to the formation of either very positive or negative relationships.

Burke emphasized the intimate nature of the relationships formed on the show, recounting a story where a former celebrity contestant admitted to having a crush on his pro partner despite both being married at the time. The intense and vulnerable environment created during the show can lead to feelings that may not have been experienced before.

The advice shared by Burke for future celebrity contestants was straightforward – “be single” if they want to join the series. She stressed the importance of being in a single relationship to avoid complications that may arise due to the intimate nature of the show.

During an appearance on “The Amy & T.J. Podcast,” Burke also confessed to having romances with three of her “DWTS” partners, including former NFL player Chad Ochocinco Johnson. Despite the passionate connections formed during the show, Burke acknowledged that these relationships were more based on “lust” rather than love.

In conclusion, Cheryl Burke’s insights shed light on the complexities of relationships formed during the filming of “Dancing With The Stars” and serve as a cautionary tale for future celebrity contestants looking to participate in the show.