Feathers McGraw Returns to Seek Vengeance in New Wallace and Gromit Film

The notorious evil penguin Feathers McGraw, known for causing chaos in the 1993 award-winning short film The Wrong Trousers, is set to make a comeback in the Wallace and Gromit film series. The upcoming film, titled Vengeance Most Fowl, will see Feathers McGraw plotting revenge against his old adversaries.

A teaser for the film released by the BBC showcases Feathers McGraw’s personal belongings being confiscated as he is sent to prison, hinting at the villain’s return to the big screen. The character, who previously disguised himself as a chicken to carry out a heist, will once again cross paths with Wallace, the eccentric inventor, and Gromit, his loyal dog.

Actor Ben Whitehead will reprise his role as Wallace, while comedian Peter Kay returns as PC Mackintosh, now promoted to chief inspector. The star-studded cast of Vengeance Most Fowl also includes Reece Shearsmith, Lauren Patel, Diane Morgan, Adjoa Andoh, and Lenny Henry.

Director Nick Park expressed his excitement about bringing back Feathers McGraw after three decades, teasing a storyline involving mischievous garden gnomes. The film is expected to blend classic Wallace and Gromit humor with new elements to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise.

With the Wallace and Gromit series already boasting three Oscars, including awards for Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature, anticipation is high for the latest installment featuring the infamous Feathers McGraw.