Rob Lowe, the famous actor from Parks and Recreation, recently opened up about his journey of sobriety and how it has brought him closer to his youngest son, John Owen Lowe. In an interview with E! News, Rob shared that on May 10th, he celebrated 34 years of sobriety alongside his son, John Owen, who recently reached five years of sobriety himself.

Rob expressed his gratitude and appreciation for being able to share this milestone with his son, mentioning that he never expected to end up in recovery with one of his children. He joked about how there should be a predisposition to addiction in Ancestry DNA, given the generational similarities he discovered through the platform.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Rob considers this journey of sobriety with his son as one of the greatest gifts in his life. He emphasized the joy, rewards, and fun that come with living a life of recovery, and how it has strengthened his bond with John Owen.

Apart from the emotional connection, Rob also highlighted the practical benefits of having a family member on a sober journey. He shared how he enjoys early morning golf sessions with John Owen in Vegas, instead of sleeping in and dragging themselves to the pool later in the day.

In addition to golfing, Rob mentioned that he bonds with his sons through various activities like skiing, tennis, and working together on projects. He expressed his excitement about diving into fishing, which is Matthew’s favorite hobby, on Father’s Day. Rob praised Matthew’s fishing skills, admitting that his son is a world-class fisherman and is likely to outshine him in the fishing competition.

Despite his competitive nature, Rob humorously acknowledged that Matthew will probably have the biggest catch on Father’s Day. He reflected on the joy of spending quality time with his sons and how these shared experiences strengthen their relationship.

Overall, Rob Lowe’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the power of family bonds, especially in overcoming challenges like addiction. His journey of sobriety with his son serves as an inspiration for others facing similar struggles and showcases the beauty of familial support in times of need.