Four Lads in Jeans Return in Hilarious New Paddy Power Ad Featuring Danny Dyer

The iconic Four Lads In Jeans have made a triumphant return in a new advert for Paddy Power, alongside actor Danny Dyer. The original four friends, Kevin Rooney, Alex Lacey, Jamie Phillips, and Connor Humpage, recreated the photo that sent them into internet stardom back in 2020. The advert, promoting Euro 2024, features Danny Dyer and former England player Peter Crouch in a comedic commercial poking fun at English stereotypes.

In the advert, Danny Dyer strips down to his swimming trunks, emphasizing England’s status as favorites to win the upcoming tournament. Characters from around Europe playfully tease England, with one Italian woman praising the English’s ‘effortless style’ before spotting the four lads in their signature outfits and exclaiming ‘Mamma mia’. Despite the initial confusion and unexpected fame, the four friends have embraced their internet meme status and even appeared in various ad campaigns and events.

However, the journey to fame has not been without its challenges. Alex Lacey, in particular, faced backlash and trolling that extended to his family, while Connor Humpage saw an increase in business but struggled to separate himself from the meme image. The commercial has provided a new opportunity for the four lads, adding another chapter to their internet fame story. As England gears up for Euro 2024 with high hopes, the advert captures the humor and excitement surrounding the upcoming tournament.