Four Lads in Jeans Go Viral Again in Euro 2024 Ad

The Four Lads in Jeans, known for their viral meme in 2020, have made a comeback in a Euro 2024 advert for betting company Paddy Power. The advertisement features former EastEnders star Dyer Dyer, who can be seen in swimming trunks and pulling pints, along with ex-England international Peter Crouch, aged 43.

England is considered one of the top contenders to win the tournament and secure their first trophy since the 1966 World Cup. In a particular scene of the ad, a stylish Italian woman points out the “effortless style” of the English, with the camera focusing on the four lads recreating their famous pose.

This moment leads her to exclaim “Mamma Mia”, as the quartet – Jamie Phillips, Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney, and Alex Lacey – steal the spotlight. Reflecting on their sudden rise to internet fame, Connor from Birmingham remarked, “We just went on a lad’s boozy brunch and asked a random stranger to take a picture of us, and then all of a sudden it went viral.

“People have commented that we were late to the trend and questioned why we wore skinny jeans for so long, but they only saw a snapshot. We had stopped wearing skinny jeans shortly after the photo went viral because fashion had evolved.”

This is not the first advertising opportunity for the group, as they have previously appeared in campaigns for McDonald’s and Sony noise-cancelling headphones. They also made a playful cameo alongside comedian Jack Whitehall in a sketch filmed for the 2022 Brit Awards, which Whitehall hosted.

Their likeness was even captured in a sculpture by artist William Douglas, also known as Tat Vision. The sculpture was unveiled in August 2022 at the location where the original photo was taken, outside All Bar One in Grand Central.