“With love you can renew the desire to love.” The new First Dates headline begins with this phrase, which the Cuatro dating show will premiere next Monday, coinciding with the debut of Laura Boado, one of the stars of the latest edition of La isla de las temptaciones.

The model from Compostela will be a waitress in the team led by the presenter and maître d’ of the restaurant Carlos Sobera and which also includes the bartender Matías Roure and the waitresses and sisters Cristina and Marisa Zapata. “I get up excited every day to go to work, the atmosphere is wonderful and I enjoy accompanying people on their dates, helping them, as much as I can, to find love,” Boado explains in a Mediaset statement.

“Carlos Sobera is one of my references. Every day I learn from him, both professionally and personally,” he says, “Matías and the twins have welcomed me with great affection and I am also learning many things from them. The whole team It’s amazing and I feel at home, surrounded by a wonderful family.”

Laura Boado also confesses to being a fan of First Dates since the format was released seven years ago: “I started watching the program when I was in high school and I still find it hard to believe that I work every day in the restaurant that I’ve been watching for years in television”.

On Monday, the doors of First Dates will open to receive Mayte, a businesswoman and cook from Vitoria, and Vicente, a retiree from Bilbao. They both want to fall in love, but… will they achieve that crush they so long for?

The restaurant will also have a table reserved for Joel, an Argentine security pilot who arrives hoping to find love. Perhaps he will find him together with Ana, a young Venezuelan model with whom he has many points in common.

In addition, First Dates will bring about a meeting between Almudena, a woman who has suffered a lot for love, but who longs to be excited again, and Tomás, a man who hopes that life will give him a second chance in the sentimental field.

Nacho, an economist who left his profession to dedicate himself to music, and Sabrina, a young surf instructor, will also look for love on the show, as will Miguel and Sergio, two young people who, during their date, will address an important issue for both of them. : how to balance life between the town and the city.

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