‘Full House’ Star Dave Coulier Unveils Surprising Origin of Uncle Joey’s Last Name

Actor Dave Coulier, known for his role as Uncle Joey on the iconic sitcom “Full House,” recently shared the unexpected backstory behind his character’s last name, Gladstone.

During a rewatch podcast episode of Full House Rewind, Coulier disclosed that he had the freedom to choose his character’s last name. When asked by series creator Jeff Franklin for a suggestion, Coulier proposed the name Gladstone, which was ultimately approved.

Explaining the reasoning behind his choice, Coulier revealed that he found the name amusing and associated it with a playful nod to marijuana use. He humorously interpreted Gladstone as “I’m glad that I’m stoned,” reflecting his comedic sensibilities.

Additionally, Coulier recounted his audition experience for the show, highlighting a moment of uncertainty after receiving conflicting feedback from producers. Despite initial doubts, Franklin’s unwavering support ultimately solidified his casting as Uncle Joey.

The actor’s candid revelations shed light on the creative process behind one of television’s most beloved characters. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights from the world of entertainment.