Gasoline Rainbow: A Cinematic Ode to Youthful Curiosity

In the Ross brothers’ latest film, Gasoline Rainbow, a group of high school graduates embarks on a road trip across Oregon for one final adventure. The movie, billed as a gen Z coming-of-age story, explores the themes of curiosity, friendship, and the search for belonging.

The film begins with familiar tropes of the genre – sing-alongs, campfire parties, and carefree moments of freedom. However, when a mishap leaves their van stranded in the desert, the group is forced to navigate unexpected challenges and encounters with strangers.

Directors Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross blend nonfiction and fiction in their signature cinéma vérité style, creating a narrative that feels both authentic and spontaneous. The first-time actors, who share the same names as their characters, bring a raw and genuine energy to the screen.

Gasoline Rainbow delves into timely issues such as deportations, police brutality, and climate change, reflecting the anxieties and complexities of modern America. Through intimate conversations and personal reflections, the film captures the essence of a generation grappling with uncertainty and change.

While some moments may veer into sentimentality, the heart of the film lies in its quiet, poignant moments of connection and self-discovery. Gasoline Rainbow is a tribute to the power of curiosity, community, and the enduring spirit of youth.