Helen Skelton Starts a New Chapter in Life After Emotional Split

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Helen Skelton has recently shared a glimpse into her new life after moving out of her marital home following her divorce from rugby star Richie Myler. The 40-year-old TV presenter has been residing in Cumbria with her children and parents, focusing on this new chapter in her life.

Helen’s dad has been a pillar of support during this transition, helping her move into her new place and showing unwavering love and care. Despite the challenges of moving with kids, Helen is determined to create a stable and happy environment for her family.

Additionally, Helen has exciting news to share with her fans as she teams up with her best friend and former Strictly Come Dancing co-star, Dan Walker, for a new travel series on Channel 5. The duo’s previous collaboration was well-received by audiences, and the upcoming project promises more adventures and entertainment for viewers.

Fans have expressed their excitement and anticipation for the new series, showing overwhelming support for Dan and Helen’s partnership. The dynamic duo’s travel escapades in the Pennine landscape are sure to captivate audiences once again, showcasing their camaraderie and shared love for exploration.

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