Paris Olympics Take a Green Turn with Plant-Based Menu

The upcoming Paris Olympics are making headlines for more than just the athletic competitions. In a bold move, the organizers have announced that there will be no French fries or foie gras on the menu for the 15,000 athletes participating in the games.

The Olympic Village will feature a massive 700-foot-long dining hall, where chefs Stéphane Chicheri and Charles Guilloy will serve up a variety of plant-based dishes such as vegetarian shawarma, za’atar-spiced sweet potatoes, and beetroot falafel. This shift towards a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable menu is in line with France’s efforts to revitalize the global image of its cuisine.

Gone are the days of elaborate French sauces and butter-heavy dishes. Instead, the focus is on vegetable proteins and reducing the carbon footprint of the Games. Athletes will have to forgo traditional French delights in favor of nutritionally-balanced meals that will help them perform at their best.

The decision to prioritize sustainability and health at the Olympics reflects a growing global awareness of the impact of food choices on the environment. As the world shifts towards a more plant-based diet, the Paris Olympics are setting a new standard for major sporting events.