How Isla Fisher’s Career Grand Slam After Sacha Baron Cohen Split

When Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen announced their split last month, eyebrows were raised not only by the timing but the bizarre announcement itself. In a brief Instagram statement, the couple likened their romance to a tennis match, posing in tennis whites and announcing they were ‘putting their racquets down’ after 20 years together and welcoming children, Olive, 16, Elula, 13, and Montgomery, nine. Now, a month on from the peculiar post, it appears Isla is the one who’s achieved a career grand slam. The Australian actress, 48, has moved on from her marriage with a slew of new film roles and high profile outings while her estranged husband, 52, continues to deal with the fallout of Rebel Wilson’s allegations about his on-set behaviour.

Is Isla Fisher bouncing back from her split from Sacha Baron Cohen by stepping out of her husband’s shadow with ‘newfound confidence’. When Isla and Sacha announced their split last month, eyebrows were raised not only by the timing, but the bizarre announcement itself and its tennis theme. Culture and brand expert Nick Ede predicts that Isla’s stardom will continue to rise now she’s no longer with her husband.

Living with her family in Perth, Australia, Isla was not one to court publicity, going about her daily business quietly. She would support her husband at red carpet events but the fiercely private couple would rarely discuss their relationship, drawing a firm boundary between their personal and private lives.

While dealing with their heartbreak, the focus has remained on their children. The exes are now said to be working out the ‘best arrangement’ for their brood, with Isla currently the one with custody. She has custody of the children and they are still working out the best arrangement so that Sacha is able to be an active part of their lives.

The insider went on to insist that infidelity had not played a part in their marriage breakdown and that neither party is dating someone new. Sacha is keeping a low profile while Isla has thrown herself into work, landing roles in various upcoming movies including Noah Baumbach’s new movie Jays Kelly and Bridget Jones 4.

Isla Fisher’s career continues to soar post-split, showcasing her resilience and talent in the entertainment industry.