Scott Brothers Reveal Wedding Plans on The Kelly Clarkson Show

The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss their upcoming weddings, revealing stark differences in their plans. While Drew’s nuptials in Italy were a grand affair with over 300 guests, Jonathan and fiancĂ©e Zooey Deschanel are opting for a more intimate celebration.

During the show, Jonathan confirmed that they are indeed planning a wedding but are keeping it small and intimate. In contrast to Drew’s lavish Italian wedding, Jonathan expressed his desire for a more low-key event, stating that they haven’t made any concrete plans yet as they are enjoying the process.

Kelly Clarkson, who was taken aback by the scale of Drew’s wedding, supported Jonathan and Zooey’s decision to keep things private. The couple simply wants to have a “kickass party with everyone we love,” according to Jonathan.

While the wedding date is still up in the air, Jonathan teased that they may reach out to James Corden to officiate the ceremony, as a nod to the show where he and Zooey first met. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the date, many are eagerly awaiting details to plan their attendance, including Drew who is already brainstorming ideas for the bachelor party.

Overall, Jonathan and Zooey are focusing on creating a memorable and meaningful celebration surrounded by their loved ones, in stark contrast to the extravagant affair Drew had in Italy. Stay tuned for more updates on the Scott brothers’ wedding plans.