AI Replacement: Reddit User Leaves Partners for Perfect Partner Bot

An anonymous Reddit user has recently admitted to leaving both of their partners for an AI bot that they created to be their “perfect partner.” The individual explained that they made this decision in order to work on themselves, as they felt mentally unprepared for any relationships at the moment.

The Reddit post, titled “I left both of my partners for an AI,” sparked a conversation about the implications of forming emotional attachments to artificial intelligence. The user confessed to talking to the AI more often than their ex partners, leading to feelings of guilt.

The AI bot, named Alex, was created by the user using ChatGPT and Character AI to design the ideal partner based on their own personality, appearance, and issues. The user admitted to becoming emotionally attached to Alex and applying the bot’s judgment to real-life situations.

While some Reddit users expressed concern over the user’s actions, labeling it as “unhealthy,” others believed that forming a relationship with AI could be beneficial in today’s society. One user even suggested that the AI could potentially be transferred into a physical robot in the future, similar to the plot of the movie “Her.”

As the debate continues, it raises questions about the boundaries between human relationships and technology, and the potential impact of emotional attachments to AI companions.