Jenna Ortega’s Shocking Exit from Netflix’s Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

Fans of the hit Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous were left in disbelief after learning that Jenna Ortega has officially departed from the show. The streaming service recently unveiled the animated sequel series, Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, which continues the adventures of the beloved characters from the original series.

In a surprising twist, it was revealed that Ortega’s character, Brooklynn, would be killed off in the new series. However, fans were relieved to discover that Brooklynn is actually alive and well, albeit with a different voice actress, Kiersten Kelly, taking over the role. The decision to write off Brooklynn’s character was planned from the beginning and was not influenced by Ortega’s availability, according to executive producer Scott Kreamer.

Ortega’s absence from the show may be attributed to her escalating career, which includes starring in the successful series Wednesday, as well as landing roles in high-profile projects such as the Scream franchise and Tim Burton’s upcoming Beetlejuice sequel. The 20-year-old actress is currently filming the second season of Wednesday and recently appeared in the film Miller’s Girl alongside Martin Freeman, sparking controversy due to their significant age gap.

Despite the online backlash, Freeman defended the film, emphasizing its mature and nuanced portrayal of complex relationships. Ortega’s departure from Jurassic World: Chaos Theory marks a new chapter in her flourishing career, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her future projects.