Joe Swash Teases ‘Exciting’ Return to Acting After 16 Years Since EastEnders Exit

In an exclusive interview, former EastEnders star Joe Swash has hinted at a potential comeback to his acting career, 16 years after leaving the popular BBC soap opera. Swash, who portrayed Mickey Miller on the show, left to pursue a career in TV presenting but now seems eager to make a return to his acting roots.

During the interview, Swash teased fans by saying, “I can’t say too much – but I have some really exciting things happening this year – so watch this space!” This statement has sparked speculation among fans about what projects Swash may have in store for his acting comeback.

Swash’s character, Mickey Miller, was a fan favorite during his time on EastEnders, and his departure in 2008 left many viewers disappointed. Swash himself has expressed disappointment over the way his character was written out of the show, describing it as the “worst outro ever.”

In addition to his potential return to acting, Swash and his wife, Stacey Solomon, are also considering becoming foster parents. This decision is deeply personal to Swash, as his mother has been a foster carer for over 11 years, and he has just become the first ambassador of Comfort Cases UK, a foster care charity.

Swash’s interest in foster care stems from his own experience growing up with a foster sibling, Daniel, who he credits his mother with positively impacting his life. Swash and Solomon are both passionate about making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, and the prospect of becoming foster parents is something they are seriously considering.

As fans eagerly await Swash’s potential return to acting, his dedication to supporting foster children and raising awareness about the importance of foster care is commendable. It remains to be seen what exciting projects Swash has in store for his acting comeback, but one thing is clear – he is ready to make a big impact both on and off the screen.