Katie Price Forced to Leave Mucky Mansion, Reveals Famous New Neighbour

Katie Price has been forced to leave her infamous Mucky Mansion and has revealed her new famous next-door neighbour following her eviction. The former glamour model expressed relief at leaving the property, stating that she felt she deserved the change after facing financial struggles and bad luck.

Price’s new £1.2 million home is located in Sussex next to veteran actress Judy Parfitt, known for her role in “Call the Midwife.” Parfitt expressed her well wishes for Price in her new home, despite the circumstances surrounding her eviction.

The decision to vacate the Mucky Mansion came after Price faced an acid attack on her car, prompting authorities to advise her to leave the property. The eviction notice was issued in April after Price was declared bankrupt for the second time in March.

Price has been candid about her negative experiences at the Mucky Mansion, citing years of difficulties and bad luck. She has since been preparing to move out, selling furnishings on Facebook Marketplace and sharing glimpses of her new home on social media.

The timeline of events leading to Price’s departure from the Mucky Mansion includes a series of financial setbacks and property issues. Despite her initial plans to renovate the mansion into her dream home, Price has expressed her relief at leaving the property behind.

The former glamour model’s relocation marks a new chapter in her life, as she transitions from the Mucky Mansion to her new residence with hopes of better luck and success in the future.