Kaytranada’s Timeless Album Review: A Modern House Classic

Canadian producer and DJ Kaytranada, also known as Louis Celestin, has captivated audiences with his infectious beats and rhythmic swing over the past decade. His latest solo album, a 21-track odyssey through his club-ready style, features collaborations with a range of artists including Tinashe and Thundercat.

One standout track, “Dance Dance Dance Dance,” showcases Celestin’s signature swing with horn fanfares and piano stabs that create a modern house classic guaranteed to get you moving. Despite the album feeling slightly overstuffed with tonally similar R&B tunes, the highlights shine through.

Kaytranada’s ability to seamlessly blend his collaborators’ talents into his productions is evident throughout the album. From rapper Channel Tres’s baritone growls on “Drip Sweat” to singer Charlotte Day Wilson’s soulful vocals on “Still,” each artist finds their place within Celestin’s sound.

For a taste of Kaytranada’s latest work, be sure to check out the music video for “Witchy” featuring Childish Gambino. Get ready to groove to the timeless sounds of Kaytranada’s latest masterpiece.