King Charles’ Pottery Goat Fetches £8,500 at Staffordshire Auction

A rare pottery goat believed to be made by King Charles has been sold for £8,500 at an auction in Staffordshire. The small ceramic animal was treasured for 55 years by Canadian Raymond Patten, who received it as a gift from his great aunt on his 21st birthday.

Patten’s great aunt, who worked as a cook at Cambridge University, claimed that the goat was made by Prince Charles himself. Patten cherished the unique piece of pottery throughout his life, but decided to part ways with it due to its historical significance.

The auctioneer, Charles Hanson of Hansons Auctioneers, stated that Patten wanted to find a new home for the goat where it would be appreciated for years to come. The sale of the pottery goat has garnered significant attention due to its royal connections and unique backstory.

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