Tonight La 1 premieres its new great entertainment bet: Bake off: famous people in the oven. Led by Paula Vázquez, 14 famous people will fight to become the best pastry chef in Spain and win a prize that they will donate to the NGO of their choice.

Rocío Carrasco, Terelu Campos, Ana Boyer, Toñi y Encarna Salazar (Azúcar Moreno), Alba Carrillo, Yolanda Ramos, Manolo Sarriá, Julio Iglesias Jr, Julio Salinas, Patxi Salinas, Pablo Puyol, Blas Cantó and Marc Clotet are the celebrities who they will adjust the apron.

In the presentation, held this Monday on the set where the program is recorded, María Eizaguirre, director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, stated that the Public Corporation “begins this year with all the enthusiasm of turning on the Bake off oven: celebrities in the oven, the sweetest program on RTVE”.

Ana María Bordas, director of RTVE Originals, has emphasized the good atmosphere that has been created among the participants: “It is a suitable format for RTVE because it has a very relaxed tone. We encourage camaraderie, because the contestants can help each other. they”.

For his part, Edi Walter, CEO of Boxfish, a culinary talent producer, has announced that not only will the contestants be seen cooking: “We are going to see them getting excited. This program is full of surprises.”

Paula Vázquez, who was already in charge of talent editing on Prime Video, has been grateful for the opportunity to host this format and has been full of praise for the team: “I am especially excited because they have a very solid team with the “You know everything is going to turn out well and it’s a really hilarious casting. It’s a pleasure to work with Paco Roncero, Eva Arguiñano and Damián Betular.”

On the part of the jury, Paco Roncero has assured that “this program has the best ingredient, which is them, the casting. They have the sweet, the bitter, the salty and some spicy.” “Bake off: famous people in the oven is a gift. I have been able to live this experience in a different way and for the first time in my life I feel super calm and enjoying it,” Eva Arguiñano highlighted.

In each of the episodes, the candidates will have to overcome two culinary challenges. The preparations will be submitted to the judgment of a demanding and prestigious jury, which will include the multi-award-winning chef Paco Roncero; the media and famous pastry chef Eva Arguiñano and the internationally renowned pastry chef Damián Betular.

The challenges will change their dynamics from program to program and could be the Author Test, in which a pastry classic is reinterpreted; the Fantasy Test, where the aim is to produce a visual impact on the jury; or the Technical Test, where all the contestants cook the same surprise recipe that will be evaluated blindly. Additionally, guests and celebrities from the world of music, sports, acting and, of course, gastronomy will participate in each episode.

In the program, produced by RTVE in collaboration with Boxfish, the famous aspiring pastry chefs will learn to make the most spectacular desserts, discover the most surprising recipes, and experience the most hilarious situations.