Lenny Kravitz Hints at Daughter Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum’s Wedding Date

Lenny Kravitz recently shared exciting details about his daughter Zoë Kravitz’s upcoming wedding to Channing Tatum. During a podcast appearance on BBC’s Zoe Ball and Friends, the musician hinted that the big day is on the horizon.

Kravitz expressed that the wedding will take place next year and showed admiration for his future son-in-law, calling Tatum a “really great guy.” He praised Tatum’s manners, charm, and soulful nature, emphasizing that he fits well into the family and that the couple is deeply in love.

The singer also revealed the special bond he shares with Tatum, saying they get along well and have meaningful conversations. Despite not planning to perform at the wedding, Kravitz intends to give a heartfelt father-of-the-bride speech, speaking from the heart in the moment.

Zoë and Tatum got engaged in October 2023, with the couple actively planning their wedding and looking forward to their special day. While Kravitz won’t be singing at the ceremony, his presence and heartfelt speech will undoubtedly make the event memorable for the newlyweds.