Liam Gallagher Drops Hint at Oasis Reunion as Noel Extends Olive Branch

Liam Gallagher has sparked rumors of a potential Oasis reunion as he suggests that his brother Noel may be willing to extend an olive branch. The brothers, who have been at odds since the disbandment of Oasis in 2009, have been the subject of speculation regarding a possible reconciliation.

During a recent performance on his Definitely Maybe tour, Liam hinted at Noel’s possible change of heart. He dedicated a song to his brother, jokingly mentioning Noel’s recent visit to a “posh chocolate shop” where he purchased chocolates, hinting at a possible peace offering.

In a previous interview, Liam revealed that their feud began backstage at an Oasis gig in Paris, with tensions escalating to the point of physical confrontation. Despite the rocky history, Liam expressed his love for Noel and hinted that Noel may be reflecting on their past and considering a reconciliation.

While Noel reportedly declined an invitation to join Liam on tour, Oasis fans can still celebrate the 30th anniversary of Definitely Maybe with the upcoming release of a special edition album featuring unreleased tracks and sessions.

Could this be the beginning of a long-awaited Oasis reunion? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for any updates on this evolving story.