Lisa Rinna Stuns with Androgynous Buzz Cut to ‘Shock’ in Fashion

Soap opera star Lisa Rinna is making waves with her latest fashion statement that is sure to turn heads and drop jaws.

In a daring look featured on the cover of Only Natural Diamonds’ spring/summer 2024 digital issue, Rinna is seen challenging the status quo with her wild outfits and hairstyles. Photographed by Tina Tyrell, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 60, rocks multiple hairdos that make her almost unrecognizable, including an androgynous cropped buzz cut – the shortest Rinna has ever gone with her hair.

Rinna, known for her major style transformations, explained, “I feel very comfortable out of my comfort zone. If it shocks people, great. I love to shock people. I love to make people go, ‘Oh my God, look what she’s done now.’” Her daughters, Delilah Belle, 25, and Amelia Gray, 22, are among those who are often shocked by her bold fashion choices.

While Rinna may push boundaries with her hairstyles and clothing, she sticks to the classics when it comes to her jewelry collection, favoring pieces gifted to her by her husband, Harry Hamlin. From her wedding ring to a Tiffany & Co. diamond cross necklace, Rinna cherishes the sentimental value behind each piece.

Whether she’s rocking a bob wig or an androgynous buzz cut, Rinna continues to inspire women to embrace their style and feel confident in their skin, proving that age is just a number when it comes to fashion.