MAFS Star Ella Morgan’s Shocking Revelation Almost Led to Celebs Go Dating Quit

Ella Morgan, known for her appearance on Married At First Sight UK, recently disclosed that she almost quit Celebs Go Dating shortly after filming began due to a ‘triggering’ experience on set. The reality star, who made history as the first transgender bride on MAFS, initially felt excited about joining the E4 show but quickly found herself overwhelmed by the pressure of pursuing romance in front of the cameras.

In a candid statement shared on her Instagram Stories, Ella expressed her initial excitement about the new journey but admitted to almost walking away from the show. She described the experience as more challenging and introspective compared to MAFS, emphasizing the need to self-reflect and identify areas for personal growth.

While Ella acknowledged the significance of her transition journey, she also highlighted her desire to explore various aspects of her life beyond her gender identity. Throughout her time on Celebs Go Dating, she has received support from E4 therapists and is determined to embrace vulnerability and authenticity in her quest for love.

Despite remaining discreet about the specific details of her triggering experience on set, Ella emphasized her decision to stop seeking validation and approval from others. She shared her realization of the importance of being true to herself and letting go of the need to prove her worth as a woman.

As one of the contestants on the upcoming series of Celebs Go Dating, Ella is set to make history once again as the first transgender participant on the show. Her previous appearance on MAFS, where she coupled up with JJ Slater, the current partner of Katie Price, garnered attention and speculation about the revelations she might bring to the dating show.

With anticipation building for the new season of Celebs Go Dating, Ella’s honesty and vulnerability promise to captivate audiences and shed light on her personal journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. As she navigates the complexities of love and relationships in the public eye, Ella’s courage and authenticity serve as a beacon of inspiration for viewers and fans alike.