Maidstone Museum to Unveil 600,000-Year-Old Artefacts in New Archaeology Gallery

Stuart Maisner, BBC News, South East

A new archaeology gallery is set to open at a popular Kent museum, Maidstone Museum, showcasing objects dating back more than 600,000 years. The gallery, named Lives in Our Landscape, aims to tell the story of human evolution and how people have lived over a vast span of time.

Scheduled to launch on 5 June, the exhibition will feature artefacts from the earliest humans using stone tools to hunt animals in a forested landscape. Natalie Moor, the museum manager, expressed excitement about the upcoming display, stating that the artefacts provide valuable insights into our past.

In addition to the historical artifacts, visitors will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, such as handling objects, trying on costumes, and exploring the collections digitally through an interactive touchscreen map. Ms. Moor emphasized that the gallery aims to transport visitors through time, enabling them to envision life thousands of years ago.

Maidstone Museum, a free attraction owned and operated by Maidstone Borough Council, continues to be a hub for cultural and educational experiences in the region. The upcoming archaeology gallery is expected to draw in history enthusiasts and curious visitors alike, offering a unique glimpse into the rich heritage of the area.