Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White’s son, Marco Pierre White Jr., has found himself in legal trouble once again. This time, the troubled former Big Brother contestant was caught stealing £250 from a deli in Bath, Somerset. The burglary was captured on CCTV, showing White Jr. attempting to escape through a window with his trousers falling down, revealing his identifiable tattoos.

The café owner, Jon Ison, explained how White Jr. broke into the deli by smashing a window pane with a champagne bottle. He proceeded to steal £250 from the till and even took the charity box. However, his tracksuit got caught on the window frame as he tried to crawl back out, exposing his backside to the cameras. The police were able to easily identify him from his tattoos, leading to his arrest.

White Jr. has a history of criminal offenses, including shoplifting, possessing a knife, and drug-related charges. Following the recent burglary at the Abbey Deli, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 41 weeks in jail. Mr. Ison expressed his frustration at the inconvenience caused by such thefts, not only in terms of the stolen cash but also the loss in trade due to necessary repairs.

Despite his previous run-ins with the law, White Jr. has expressed a desire to turn his life around. He has completed rehab multiple times and has even converted to Islam during his time in jail in an effort to stay clean. His father, Marco Pierre White, has been vocal about his son’s struggles and the challenges he has faced in trying to help him overcome his addiction issues.

White Jr.’s privileged upbringing and famous family name have not shielded him from legal consequences. From drug driving charges to racially aggravated public order offenses, he has faced a myriad of legal issues over the years. His time behind bars has made him reflect on his mistakes and acknowledge the numerous opportunities he has squandered.

It remains to be seen whether White Jr. will be able to break free from his cycle of criminal behavior and addiction. The road to recovery is often long and challenging, but with determination and support, he may be able to rebuild his life and make amends for his past actions. Only time will tell if he can truly turn his life around and leave his criminal past behind.