Maria De Aragon, Star Wars’ Greedo, Passes Away at 81

Star Wars fans are mourning the loss of Maria De Aragon, the talented actress known for bringing the character of Greedo to life in the original Star Wars movie. De Aragon passed away at the age of 81 from natural causes in late April, as confirmed by her management company, Coolwaters Productions.

De Aragon’s portrayal of Greedo became iconic in the Star Wars franchise, particularly in the memorable scene where the character meets his demise at the hands of Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford. Originally, the scene sparked the “Han shot first” debate among fans, with later edits changing the dynamics of the confrontation.

In addition to her role in Star Wars, De Aragon had a successful career in film, with credits in various movies such as For Those Who Think Young, Nightmare in the Sun, and Wonder Women. Her talent and contributions to the entertainment industry will always be remembered by her fans and colleagues.

The passing of Maria De Aragon marks the end of an era for Star Wars enthusiasts, as they reflect on her impactful legacy in the iconic film series. Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones during this difficult time.