New born twins to endangered species named after Taylor Swift at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo welcomes newborn twins from the endangered cotton-top tamarins species and names them after Taylor Swift.

The baby monkeys, Taylor and Swift, were born on Tuesday and have been named by the zoo in honor of the superstar’s upcoming concerts at Scottish Gas Murrayfield this weekend.

With just 2,000 of the species left in the wild, the birth of the twins is significant for the cotton-top tamarins, who are considered ‘critically endangered’.

Lorna Hughes, the primate team leader at Edinburgh Zoo, expressed excitement about the birth, stating that the species faces extensive habitat loss, making the arrival of the twins even more special.

Visitors to the zoo can now see the tiny creatures, who are just 10cm long and weigh 42kg, with a 25% discount on admission prices being offered this weekend.

The newborns will spend the next few months being cared for by their parents before becoming more independent at around five months old.