Producers Guild of America’s Conference Addresses AI, Deepfakes, and Budget Constraints

The Producers Guild of America’s 14th annual Produced By conference in Los Angeles focused on the challenges faced by producers in the digital age, particularly in relation to generative AI tools and deepfake technology. The event featured panels discussing copyright issues, shrinking budgets, and ethical considerations for content creators.

During a session titled “AI: What Every Producer Needs to Know,” industry experts highlighted the importance of understanding the implications of using generative AI in film and TV production. Lori McCreary, CEO of Revelations Entertainment, emphasized the need for producers to be aware of how AI technology is being utilized by artists they commission.

Legal expert Ghaith Mahmood outlined the current copyright laws surrounding AI-generated content and predicted that new regulations will emerge as more copyright cases involving AI technology go to court. Renard T. Jenkins, president of I2A2 Technologies, Labs & Studios, discussed the importance of ensuring that AI tools used in filmmaking are built on ethical foundations to protect intellectual property rights.

The conference also addressed concerns about deepfake technology, with McCreary sharing her experience of encountering a convincing deepfake video of her business partner, Morgan Freeman. Industry organizations, including SMPTE, are working on developing tracking systems to verify the authenticity of content and combat the spread of disinformation.

Overall, the conference highlighted the need for collaboration among producers, studios, and distributors to navigate the ethical and legal challenges posed by AI and deepfake technology in the entertainment industry.