Pharrell Williams to Star in Lego Biopic Piece By Piece

Hollywood is known for its love of biopics, and the latest addition to the genre is sure to turn heads. Pharrell Williams, the renowned pop artist and producer, is set to star in a unique biographical film titled Piece By Piece. What sets this movie apart from the rest? It will be entirely in Lego format.

The film, scheduled to premiere on October 11, will delve into Williams’ life story, from his upbringing to his rise to musical stardom. Williams will voice himself in the film, alongside other music industry giants such as Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, and Justin Timberlake. However, one notable absence from the cast list is Robin Thicke, leaving fans wondering if the controversial hit “Blurred Lines” will be addressed.

While traditional biopics focus on the dramatic moments in a person’s life, Piece By Piece promises to take a refreshing and unconventional approach. Williams will also be providing new music for the movie, including his popular hits like “Happy” and “Get Lucky.”

This Lego biopic will mark the fifth theatrical release in the Lego movie franchise, with Universal Pictures taking the reins this time. Fans can only hope that Piece By Piece will maintain the charm and wit of its Warner Bros. predecessors. Get ready to experience Pharrell Williams’ life story like never before in this colorful and creative film.