Quordle Answers and Hints for Thursday, June 6 (game #864)

Hello puzzlers! Are you ready to tackle today’s Quordle challenge? If you’re looking for some help, we’ve got hints and answers for you right here. But beware, spoilers ahead!

Quordle today (game #864) – hint #1 – Vowels
How many different vowels are in Quordle today?
– Today’s Quordle contains 3 different vowels.

Quordle today (game #864) – hint #2 – repeated letters
Do any of today’s Quordle answers contain repeated letters?
– Only 1 of today’s Quordle answers has repeated letters.

Quordle today (game #864) – hint #3 – uncommon letters
Do the letters Q, Z, X or J appear in Quordle today?
– None of the letters Q, Z, X, or J are in today’s Quordle.

Quordle today (game #864) – hint #4 – starting letters (1)
Do any of today’s Quordle puzzles start with the same letter?
– None of today’s Quordle answers start with the same letter.

Quordle today (game #864) – hint #5 – starting letters (2)
What letters do today’s Quordle answers start with?
– B
– P
– S
– R

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the answers:

Today’s Quordle was on the easier side, with no obscure words or uncommon letters. How did you fare? Let us know!

Stay tuned for more daily Quordle sequences and answers. Good luck, puzzlers!