Reese Witherspoon Reveals Why She Calls Laura Dern ‘Dern’ Instead of ‘Laura’

Reese Witherspoon recently shared the reason behind why she refers to her close friend and former co-star Laura Dern as ‘Dern’ instead of ‘Laura’.

During a conversation with Nicole Kidman on June 5, Witherspoon explained that she calls Dern by her last name because both of their first names are Laura, which can be confusing for her. Kidman jokingly questioned why Dern doesn’t reciprocate by calling Witherspoon ‘Laura’, to which Witherspoon playfully responded.

The duo reminisced about their time on the set of the hit series Big Little Lies, where Witherspoon portrayed Madeline Mackenzie, Kidman played Celeste Wright, and Dern starred as Renata Klein. The show garnered critical acclaim and multiple Emmy nominations, with a third season in the works as confirmed by Kidman and Witherspoon in their recent interview.

Fans of the show can catch up on the first two seasons on Max to relive the gripping drama of the Monterey community. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming season and the dynamic friendship between Witherspoon and Dern.