Mía’s story is revenge and Mediaset is a story of love and hate, more of the latter than the former. In the month of June, Mediaset opted for the series starring Lydia Bosch for Telecinco’s after-dinner sessions. The series didn’t fit. She stayed for a few weeks and after not achieving the results that the audiovisual group expected, they decided to relegate her to Divinity.

That decision provoked harsh criticism from different members of the series team. The team of the series and its creator Aurora Guerra said goodbye to Mía es la vendetta with messages in which they revealed her discomfort with Mediaset for having canceled the recordings. The cancellation of filming materialized at the beginning of last July, but the change of channel did not come until a few weeks later when Mediaset itself announced that as of Monday, July 17, Así es la vida, Sandra Barneda’s program, expanded its schedule and began at 3:45 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., while the series starring Lydia Bosch would continue to air on Divinity until its last episode scheduled for next November 10.

On that occasion, Lydia Bosch was very cautious, calling on viewers to continue watching the series on the Mediaset thematic channel. In fact, during these months the series has generated a very loyal audience. However, the last decision made by Mediaset regarding the series has been the straw that broke the camel’s back and has ended the patience of its leading actress.

Starting today, the broadcast of Mía es la vendetta moves to 5:50 p.m., an hour later, and all to give up its time slot to the new Colombian soap opera Ana de Nadie. “Unbelievable. New schedule change,” the actress wrote in a post on her social networks after learning about the series’ new schedule change, the third since it premiered.

“Starting this Monday, the broadcast of Mine is Revenge will be around 5:50 p.m. I hope that in these last two weeks of the series it maintains this schedule. It seems like a joke in bad taste,” she stated, visibly angry at the new movement. on the grid of its series. “Thank you for your unconditional support,” Lydia Bosch concluded.

Mediaset gave the green light to three seasons of Mia es la vendetta. The first, which was already recorded, consisted of 90 episodes, but finally, it was in episode 110 when Mediaset gave the order not to continue with the recordings. After moving it from Telecinco to Divinity this November 10, the end of the series arrived, which will still have to go through a new change before its grand finale.

The series, created by Aurora Guerra, from which she left shortly after its premiere, and with the executive production of Jesús Font and Arantxa Écija by Mediaset España, has had a wide range of characters that cover the different layers of society, both in the age spectrum and social stratum, and an attractive and modern staging, in which the 8,000 m² of sets stood out – nearly 3,000 m² of covered sets and 5,000 m² of backlot and exteriors that housed the pool and bungalows – which recreated the facilities of the exclusive sports club ‘Los Olivos’, the main setting of the series.