Breakker Ends Ricochet’s WWE Career with Brutal Attack

Ricochet has bid farewell to WWE in a dramatic fashion.
Reports emerged over the weekend that Ricochet had decided not to renew his contract with WWE, which was due to expire in the summer. It was later revealed that the former United States and Intercontinental Champion was not slated for any future appearances beyond this week’s episode of “WWE Raw,” where he was expected to be written off the show. True to expectations, Breakker seemingly put an end to Ricochet’s WWE tenure (at least temporarily) by slamming him through a car windshield in a backstage assault.

During the latest episode of “Raw,” Ricochet did not have a final match, but his friend Ilja Dragunov faced off against Breakker instead. Ricochet and Dragunov shared a touching moment of camaraderie backstage before the match. Following Breakker’s victory over Dragunov, he attempted to spear Dragunov through the barricade, only to be thwarted by Ricochet, who leaped from the barricade and tackled Breakker instead, surprising the audience.

The action quickly escalated in the parking lot, where an enraged Breakker brutalized Dragunov with another spear. Ricochet tried to intervene, but Breakker threw him against a WWE truck, slammed him into a car, and hurled him into Jimmy Hart’s mouth (who was standing on another WWE truck). This brutal sequence culminated in Breakker powerslamming Ricochet through a car windshield, causing a stir on social media with “REAL GLASS” trending on X (formerly Twitter).

Samantha Irvin, Ricochet’s fiancĂ©e, looked on in horror as her partner was attacked, and she later accompanied him as he was taken away in an ambulance. As Ricochet was loaded into the vehicle, he gave a thumbs up, while Dragunov observed the scene. The final image of the inaugural WWE Speed champion was his shoes, hinting at his imminent move to AEW.