Riley Keough Completes Mother Lisa Marie Presley’s Posthumous Memoir — Exclusive Cover Reveal

Lisa Marie Presley’s posthumous memoir, “From Here to the Great Unknown,” co-written with daughter Riley Keough, is set to be released this fall. The cover has been exclusively revealed by PEOPLE.

Presley had initially asked Keough to assist in finishing her memoir in 2022. After Presley’s passing in January 2023, Keough took on the responsibility of completing the book using recordings of her mother’s own voice detailing various aspects of her life, from joyful memories to challenging experiences.

“From Here to the Great Unknown” delves into Presley’s life, including her relationship with Elvis Presley, struggles with addiction, and more. Keough expressed that working on the memoir was emotional yet therapeutic, allowing her to feel closer to her mother.

The memoir, scheduled for release on Oct. 15, is now available for preorder in various formats, including an audio version narrated by Keough. Stay tuned for this heartfelt and revealing account of Lisa Marie Presley’s life.