Rod Stewart Celebrates Son Liam’s Wedding with All 8 Children

Rod Stewart, the iconic British rockstar, had a heartwarming weekend as he reunited with all eight of his children at his son Liam’s wedding to Nicole Artukovich in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The ceremony, held at St. Ignatius Church on May 31, was a special occasion that brought together Stewart’s loved ones, including his children Liam, Sarah, Kimberly, Sean, Ruby, Renee, Alastair Wallace, and Aiden Patrick. Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster and Liam’s mother, model Rachel Hunter, were also present to celebrate the joyous union.

The following day, Stewart took to Instagram to share a touching photo of the Stewart and Artukovich families coming together in celebration of Liam and Nicole’s wedding. The rockstar expressed his immense pride in witnessing the beautiful ceremony and wished the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness, love, and laughter.

Stewart’s family is a blend of children from previous relationships and marriages. From ex-girlfriend Susannah Boffey, he shares daughter Sarah. With ex-wife Alana Stewart, he has daughter Kimberly and son Sean. Daughter Ruby is from his relationship with Kelly Emberg. During his marriage to Rachel Hunter, Stewart welcomed daughter Renee and son Liam. His youngest sons, Alastair and Aiden, are with his current wife, Penny Lancaster.

In a rare family moment earlier this year, Stewart posted a photo on Instagram with three of his sons, Aiden, Alastair, and Liam, at an ice hockey game, expressing his pride as a father.

The reunion of all eight children at Liam’s wedding was a heartwarming moment for the Stewart family, showcasing the bond and love shared among its members.