Roger Daltrey, the legendary singer of The Who, recently reflected on his generation and the world they inhabited in postwar London in an interview with The Boston Globe. He shared stories of his childhood, growing up in a post-war era filled with bomb sites and limited resources. Daltrey’s candid and proud demeanor shines through as he discusses topics ranging from his personal experiences to his upcoming performances in Boston and Tanglewood.

During the interview, Daltrey expressed his love for Appalachian music and blues influences, which will be reflected in the upcoming acoustic set of Who songs and solo performances. He also touched on the impact of technology on today’s youth, expressing his dislike for platforms like TikTok that he believes are detrimental to young minds.

Daltrey’s journey from a young boy playing in bomb sites to a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is filled with challenges and triumphs. From being bullied in school to taking his mom’s sleeping pills, Daltrey’s resilience and determination shine through in his stories. Despite facing hardships and setbacks, he persevered and pursued his passion for music, eventually forming The Who with Pete Townshend and John Entwistle.

The interview also delves into Daltrey’s relationship with the late Keith Moon, the drummer of The Who known for his wild antics. Daltrey shared plans for a Keith Moon biopic and discussed the energy and dynamic presence Moon brought to the band. He emphasized the importance of capturing the essence of Moon’s personality and contribution to The Who in the upcoming film.

Daltrey’s dedication to his craft and his deep connection to the music are evident throughout the interview. He credits the Voice Center at Mass General for saving his voice and allowing him to continue performing at his best. Despite the challenges and sacrifices that come with being a musician, Daltrey remains committed to giving his audience 100% in every performance.

As Daltrey prepares for his upcoming performances and reflects on his journey with The Who, he continues to embody the spirit of rock and roll and the passion for music that has defined his career. His stories and insights offer a glimpse into the life of a rock legend and the enduring impact of his generation on the music industry.