Simone Ashley, known for her role in “Bridgerton,” recently expressed her joy in being part of a show that empowers viewers. She believes that the strong women behind the scenes have played a significant role in portraying women in positions of power. Ashley was honored with the International Golden Nymph for Most Promising Talent at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

Before her role in “Bridgerton,” Ashley broke taboos in “Sex Education,” a show she believes connected with people by blending laughter with important messages. She is proud to be part of projects that initiate conversations and bring about cultural changes.

Looking ahead, Ashley aims to use her platform for good while staying focused on her craft. She admires strong women like Viola Davis and Zendaya, drawing inspiration from their work. She aspires to explore different genres, including action movies, and is excited about her upcoming projects, a psychological thriller titled “This Tempting Madness” and a romantic comedy called “Picture This.”

As an executive producer of “Picture This,” Ashley emphasizes the importance of representation in film, especially for women who haven’t traditionally seen themselves on screen. She believes that romance is a timeless genre that brings hope and joy to audiences worldwide.

During a press event, Ashley praised her co-star Nicola Coughlan for her confidence and resilience in the face of negativity. She highlighted the need for more representation in the entertainment industry and expressed her support for gender diversity in storytelling, referencing a recent gender-swap in “Bridgerton.”

Looking ahead, Ashley remains open to returning for future seasons of “Bridgerton” and is eager to continue finding stories that resonate with her. She values the opportunity to produce her own work as a way to bring unique and important stories to life. Through her work, Ashley hopes to inspire others and contribute to positive change in the industry.