Suzy Finds Happiness in Acting Career Over Past Idol Days – Singapore News

Former Miss A member Suzy recently opened up about her newfound contentment in her acting career, leaving behind her days as a K-pop idol. In an interview with Wikitree on June 4, Suzy shared her thoughts ahead of the release of the movie ‘Wonderland.’

‘Wonderland,’ directed by Kim Tae Yong, explores the theme of reconnecting with departed loved ones through an innovative video call service called ‘Wonderland,’ powered by artificial intelligence. Suzy takes on the role of ‘Jung In,’ who uses this service to reunite with her boyfriend Tae Joo, portrayed by Park Bo Gum.

Having started her career in 2010 as part of the girl group Miss A under JYP Entertainment, Suzy made her acting debut in the KBS2 drama ‘Dream High Season 1’ in 2011. Following the disbandment of Miss A in 2017, she ventured into solo singing but eventually shifted her focus to acting.

Reflecting on her 15-year journey, Suzy remarked, “It’s cute. When I was younger, I didn’t think my past self was cute, but now I do. Sometimes, my memories are faint, and I wonder, ‘Why am I there?’ when watching old videos. Perhaps my younger self is even sweeter now that my memories are fading.”

The multi-talented star expressed her current satisfaction with her acting career, emphasizing that it surpasses the competitiveness and lack of leisure she experienced during her idol days. Suzy shared, “When I was younger, it was more competitive, and I had no time for leisure. I was not given the opportunity to reflect on my life or see it from a new perspective. Now I have more leisure to reflect on my life, so my satisfaction is incomparably greater.”

‘Wonderland’ is scheduled to hit theaters in Korea on June 5, offering audiences a captivating narrative and Suzy’s compelling performance to look forward to.