Last Sunday when Ginés Corregüela, the tiktoker of the XXL sandwiches, was reunited with his ex-wife and one of his daughters, the Survivors 2023 audience hit the firecracker. It was the most watched moment of Survivors: Honduras Connection, reaching more than a 21% share of the screen. Telecinco had just found its new golden goose for Survivors 2023: the soap opera. They would have to be very stupid not to exploit it, and they are not stupid at all. We had to take Ginés’s partner, Yaiza, to Honduras, we had to put him back between a rock and a hard place, we had to see which of the two he chose and there was, and here comes the bombshell, to turn Yaiza into the new contestant of Survivors 2023 replacing Gema Aldón.

No sooner said than done. There was such a desire to announce that Yaiza, the woman with whom Ginés was unfaithful to his now ex-wife, was the new contestant that an hour before Carlos Sobera announced the bombing, the Survivors 2023 account on Twitter had already released it. It is not for less. Survivors had achieved in less than 48 hours a plot worthy of the best Turkish soap operas. It doesn’t matter what it may mean emotionally for this man, isolated in the reality show, to face your ex-wife and your daughter first, and then your partner; It doesn’t matter how much pressure it was to reunite with your family and choose it for two days later to reunite with your partner, whom you had disowned hours before, and have to choose again.

The story of Ginés Corregüela is to piss and not drop. Apparently, in the words of his daughter, who was about to leave the set of Survivors last night and put her father back and a half -“pig”, “coward”-, Ginés is thinking “with his virile member” and ” where to put your virile member”. Can you ask for more fuel to the fire? Impossible, especially when this is Survivors and not the set of a Deluxe Friday.

Ginés is known or was known for having become famous on TikTok with his XXL sandwiches. A country man, turned into a tiktoker. Spot. Until… a few weeks ago he appeared on the Yaiza set. Yaiza was, and it seems that she still is after last night, his partner. And from what was discovered, what Ginés had inside his house was a real soap opera. A woman to whom he had been unfaithful for years with another woman and later with Yaiza, a wounded daughter who, despite her anger with her father, decided to go defend him on set when required, and a girlfriend who was not cowed by nothing. A Deluxe Friday that was made last week when Telecinco realized that there was a lot of wood to cut here. Let’s see, has Ginés gone to Survivors to compete or has he gone to record a soap opera? He is no longer a Survivor contestant, now he is the meat of a Deluxe.

In an unprecedented turn of events last Sunday Survivors 2023 took the daughter and the ex-wife to Honduras. Ginés’s reaction, highly criticized, when he saw both of them was as if they had given him the biggest smack. He opened the door and there he met the woman he had been with for more than 30 years, while in his head he thought about Yaiza. See if it was surreal when he was reunited with his ex-wife and his daughter, the tiktoker was wearing a T-shirt that read “congratulations” because it was Yaiza’s birthday. But Ginés did the unthinkable or did what anyone who had encountered such a brown would have done: he vilely denied what was supposed to be his girlfriend.

He has no defense, but let’s play devil’s advocate and put ourselves in his shoes. You are on an island, alone, going through an emotional rough patch due to the harshness of the reality show and, suddenly, they take you to your ex-wife, with whom everything was supposedly broken, and to your daughter. And as if that were not enough, Survivors 2023 makes you open a third door and, surprise!, a cardboard Yaiza appears. They didn’t even give the man time to react. Neither Survivors, nor his daughter, nor his ex-wife. They went with a machete, to ask him which of the two he chose, to put him between a rock and a hard place. His face, really, was a true poem. And Ginés, who is competing, who has to keep up appearances, who is completely unaware of how this world works, went straight to the easiest, but also to the worst: “If my wife forgives me, I choose her.” Turn off and let’s go.

In case it hadn’t been clear, Ion Aramendi asked him again, Ion Aramendi told him what he was going to do then with Yaiza’s silhouette, if he chose his family. What would you have done? Think about it. Your ex-wife and your daughter on the island, by your side, next to a silhouette of the person who had been your lover and is now your partner, with a presenter asking for an answer, with your partner on the set listening to how he disowned you and with an organization looking for the goose. Ginés chose his ex-wife, while his daughter jumped like a kangaroo in Australia and applauded his father’s decision to have chosen his family and not the other.

And nobody thought about the emotional blow that this moment was going to mean for Ginés. Their mouths are filled with the fact that the contestants must be protected because the physical toughness of Survivors must be added to the emotional toughness, but at the first change that is forgotten and nobody remembers that whoever is left there with their head as a hype is to the contestant.

Since Sunday Ginés has been asking his colleagues what they are doing, whether they have made the right decision, remembering Yaiza and surely thinking about the reasons and reasons for their separation. Because there is something that no one should miss: none of us have any idea what was outside. Bad vibes, sure, we’ve seen it on the sets these weeks; spite, too; betrayals, a few. But it was not until last night when Yaiza and Ginés met again in the tent that we heard a very different version from the one given so far.

Yes that’s how it is. On Sunday when Ginés reneged on Yaiza, Survivors, who should already have it more than planned, sent Yaiza directly to Honduras. How could they pass up the opportunity to continue stretching the gum? And to Honduras that he left. Again Ginés to the boat. And no matter how much XXL sandwich the organization gave him to drown his sorrows, the shock that opening the zipper of the tent and finding the woman he had disowned hours before must have been for this man, it must not have been easy. And just like his ex-wife and his daughter, Yaiza, who controls the television show much better than they had done before, also placed him in a position from which it was impossible to escape.

“There are declarations of love and there are declarations of intent. You have to know the difference. You did not disappoint me,” Yaiza started as soon as she saw him. “You disappointed yourself, you were a coward. You were not brave. You were not brave not to face what you really think. You spoke in the face of what the whole world is listening to, to the people, by continuing to hide the truth. Looking at me With your eyes, you have to say what you feel, not what you think. You don’t have to do anything for others, it remains for the good,” he continued. And Ginés enduring the pull. It is true that Yaiza had been betrayed by what was supposed to be her partner, but nobody, absolutely nobody thought about the host that all this meant for the Survivors 2023 contestant. soap opera

But the thing was not going to be an amalgam of reproaches. If the shit sprinkler comes on, let all the shit come out: “You know what the 34 years of your marriage have been like. Really, if you want to live the same again… in the next room, slam the door because your snoring bothers him, that he makes a fool of yourself in front of people. We guys and I know we love you. I know why you acted like that, but this is not a show -gosh no!-. You have to speak for you, because you hurt if you don’t really express your feelings. Don’t speak for what they might think of you, but for what you really want to live”.

Carlos Sobera said that Ginés and Yaiza had forgotten about the cameras and that they were live. And a milk! Perhaps Ginés did, but Yaiza knew perfectly well what she was going to do, to continue feeding the monster that two days before, or even before, her ex-wife and her daughter had awakened. Nobody thought of Ginés, I insist.

And, of course, Ginés had to choose. The bombing had to come out round. Yaiza was going to become the new contestant of Survivors 2023 to replace Gema Aldón, who she had to leave due to a medical problem, and she could not stay in a “I’m staying with my wife.” “You were the only one who knows what I went through. You have to position yourself, you cannot continue between two waters. Because I have dignity, and you know that I am here for what I am here. You did not give me my place. I will not leave you to reproach anything because I understand you, but think of yourself. You took a step telling the people that you were separating. Go ahead with your principles. I come here to tell you that you don’t laugh at me, nor 20 like you. And that at me They don’t step on my dignity, neither they nor 20 like them”, and before this, what was the man going to say, well, to Yaiza.

And surely it is what he always wanted because Ginés’s faces had nothing to do with the visit of his ex-wife and his daughter with the faces last night. Ginés waited – the television times are also being known. And until he was in front of all her companions together with Yaiza, he did not give the final thrust: “I only want her, here I stand.” Boom! And the tangana was mounted on the set.

Ginés’s daughter, present with her mother on the set of Survivors 2023, said ‘up to here’. If it hadn’t happened because Carlos Sobera stopped her, we would have had the first set abandonment of this edition. “I don’t want to be here because I don’t want to defend an infidel who has been cheating on my mother for 10 years with one and then with this one. That her representatives who are there sit here because I don’t want to defend him anymore.” And here comes the big question: isn’t it supposed that Ginés had already broken up with his ex-wife and had already announced the breakup in town? I mean, that he has not left his ex-wife in Survivors, that this was already known, that they all came with their cards on the table.

The monster, you have to feed the new monster from Survivors, and there is a monster for a while. To be continued…

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