Cuatro aired a new installment of First Dates on Thursday, September 14. The program featured the participation of Carlos, a diner who boasted of having been with 3,722 women.

“I have worked as a drummer with Georgie Dann, with El Fary, with Carmen Sevilla, with Bordon-4, with Rumba Tres, with Los Chichos,” said the 62-year-old musician, from Valencia. The bachelor was received by Laura Boado, who asked him if he flirted a lot because of his profession.

“Man, I was trying my hand,” he responded. “3,722 women, that’s clear, but with love, with a lot of love,” she said. Boado asked Carlos what kind of women he liked. “Long hair, if possible. What do I know, that she be nice. I’m not looking for a pretty face or a pretty body. At this age, if I can breathe, it’s enough for me,” he stated. “I neither have a type nor do I have a look nor do I have anything to be selective, so I can’t. Now, what I want is, since I am with a woman, that she fills me, that she reaches me, that maybe I fall in love with her smile, of his hair or his look,” he said.

Carlos had a date with Adelina, a 56-year-old woman from Barcelona. “I like to provoke, I love it. I like men to look at me, I like walking down the street and a man turning around and looking at me,” she confessed.

Adelina did not understand Carlos’s humor, which led to several misunderstandings. “I see a big woman,” he stated. “Do you see me that big? I’m not that big, am I?” she answered. “I don’t see you as big. Woman in a good way, because you’re hot,” the bachelor clarified. Upon learning that he had been a musician, Adelina thought that Carlos was a very womanizer, but he denied it. “I have been sincere in everything, except that,” he acknowledged.

In the booth, they had to reveal what words turned them on and, once again, Carlos’s humor did not convince Adelina. “My love, darling,” she noted. “My love, eat everything of mine?” the musician joked. “That’s already abrupt,” the participant responded, somewhat annoyed. After their dinner, they asked them if they would be willing to go on a second date. “Yes I would have it,” confirmed the drummer. “You’re very nice, I really like you, you’re very funny, I love it, but not for having an intimate or romantic date,” Adelina said.