The 1 broadcast a new installment of MasterChef 11 on Tuesday, May 23. Francesc was expelled from the culinary ‘talent show’ after receiving a scolding from the jury for his poor work. The judges had a difficult time choosing who should leave, as more applicants stumbled in the last challenge of the night.

Álex, Jorge Juan, Ana, Marta, Jotha and Francesc risked their permanence in the program with a demanding test. They had to prepare dishes adapted for allergic and intolerant people. They were assigned by Jotha, who won a challenge involving guessing ingredients in a blind tasting.

Francesc had to make a flan without eggs, which was accompanied by orange sorbet jam and caramelized pine nuts. He tried to defend it in front of the judges and the guests, Miki Nadal and Juanma Castaño: “In the mouth this melts tremendously.” However, the laughter at the beginning of the evaluation gave way to harsh criticism when testing his creation.

Jordi Cruz commented: “It was the easiest dish there was and there’s nothing there. It doesn’t taste like anything. You didn’t put the jam, the pine nuts are stuck to the plate and the ice cream is frozen orange juice.” Pepe Rodríguez added: “If I’m intolerant to eggs and they make me eat this flan, I’ll have surgery and end up eating eggs. That’s what I’m telling you. It doesn’t taste like anything, it doesn’t taste like flan. The only thing it has is the texture. It doesn’t have sugar, it doesn’t taste.” Samantha Vallejo-Nágera agreed with them: “There is nothing.”

Francesc, Jotha, Jorge Juan and Álex were left on a tightrope after presenting failed dishes. The jury ended up announcing that the first was eliminated. His classmates hugged him and said they were sorry.

Pepe Rodríguez pointed out: “Today we have passed the dishes through a very fine sieve… It is that Francesc has been the worst. Of the three preparations, you did not have any good”. He also said that the saved could not be proud of what they had done and had to get their act together.

Francesc said goodbye to the program smiling and joking. He made a positive assessment of his time in the competition: “I have loved it. I will continue trying to cook and in the future I will see what I do. The truth is that I have had a great time, I have had a lot of fun… Life is a little fun”.

The Andorran did not hesitate when asked who he wanted the winner of MasterChef 11 to be and pointed to Álex. “I’m happy, I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest. I’m going to miss cooking and learning. I’ve been very lucky to be able to enter. It’s an unforgettable experience that stays for a lifetime,” he concluded.

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