Pasapalabra, the contest that undisputedly reigns on Spanish television, starts the year with great news for its fans. In addition to its daily edition, the contest will reach prime time on Saturdays with the Night of Champions, a tournament in which the contestants who have scored the longest duels in the history of Pasapalabra will now face each other.

Four big names from Pasapalabra thus return to the contest to face each other: Orestes Barbero, Pablo Díaz, Luis de Lama and Javier Dávila. In three special prime time programs, the contestants will play for 3,000 euros in each gala. The winner of the tournament will win a prize of 25,000 euros and, if they complete the Rosco, they will access a jackpot of 100,000 euros.

Orestes Barbero was on Pasapalabra for 360 programs. He managed to win a total of 130 times and took home 215,400 euros. Pablo Díaz accumulated a total of 260 programs in the contest, with 146 victories. He won the jackpot of 1,828,000 euros. Luis de Lama was on 84 programs on Pasapalabra, with 38 victories to his credit, he won a prize of 39,600 euros. Javier Dávila, with 76 programs and 42 victories, managed to walk away with a prize of 26,400 euros.

In the new Pasapalabra format, the gala will have more tests in which to accumulate seconds. In Nine is Enough, the team will have to say from memory a list of words that will have a common theme. Roberto Leal will give each team member a new word each turn and the contestant will have to reproduce the entire list of words that have been said, including the new one.

In 2023, Pasapalabra achieved a 21.2% audience share with an average of two million viewers, which makes it the second most watched program on all television in 2023, only behind El Hormiguero.