Simón Pérez and Silvia Charro rose to fame on social media in 2017 with a YouTube video titled Why are fixed-rate mortgages so convenient? Years after that, they reappeared on RTVE to assess what it meant for them to go viral with a piece they recorded while under the influence of alcohol. Gen Playz XL featured the two in its installment released on Tuesday, May 23, in which the theme was “the right to be wrong.”

“We didn’t even use social networks. We only had LinkedIn for professional purposes. You may think: ‘All this was developed in networks, how can it affect someone who doesn’t have them?'” she shared in the format, available on YouTube and RTVE Play. Her partner spoke about the economic problems she suffered after the publication of the video.

The consultant explained to Inés Hernand that he had shares in his company valued at 600,000 euros and that he lost that amount in 24 hours. At that time, she lived in a flat paid for by the company and the company told her that she had to leave it in one day. “I was left without a home and without a salary, which was 7,000 euros a month,” she declared. In addition, she pointed out that she could not afford the fixed expenses that she had, which amounted to about 3,000 euros per month: “Suddenly, we do not have any money.”

Silvia stressed that no bank wants to know anything about them. Simón confessed: “The most painful part is that of the family. It has been a great loss.” He related how an uncle of his assured that he did not know him and that other relatives did not let them stay at his house.

Simón Pérez told Gen Playz XL that in 2017 he was setting up a mortgage company and that his girlfriend had never been in the media, so she was very nervous before recording the famous video. She noted: “She came from a company lunch and was in a very vulnerable situation.” He went on to say: “She had to go out to record, but she did it after dinner. He already had beer, wine, a glass…”.

Silvia Charro expressed: “I think that everything happens for a reason and that we have come here to learn. I think that if you make a mistake, you learn in the end. We had a very outdated life, we earned a lot of money, but we were like on a cloud… Yes, I deserved a host of life.” Her partner spoke about “a humbling cure” and noted: “This is not deserved by anyone.”

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