Hombres G gave an interview to El Hormiguero on Thursday, May 25. The group, which presented its upcoming tour, responded to those who label their songs homophobic and sexist.

“You have been called homophobic for Sufre mamón and macho for I’m going to have a good time. Is there a lot of mamón who would like to censor everything?” said Pablo Motos. “Now more than ever,” said Rafa Muñoz Gutiérrez, the band’s guitarist. “Also, they are people who are dedicated to reviewing the past instead of trying to change the present or prepare for a better future. Leave the past alone. We were among the first to contemplate consent. We said ‘let your hair down and then , if you want, the bra,'” commented David Summers, referring to a song titled Suéltate el pelo.

“We have lived in the 80s. How do you handle this thing that you start talking and, in the middle of the conversation, you have to be thinking about what you say in case you are bothering?” Asked the presenter. “I refuse, because otherwise we would have to censor Lorca, Machado, Cervantes, Shakespeare, everyone. What is this? It seems to me that the thing has gone completely out of hand. That is not the way to Respect, the other way around, is intolerance. It’s cutting off freedom of expression, in my humble opinion,” said Javier Molina, drummer.

Motos pointed out that Hombres G has already sold more than 100,000 tickets for his tour. “It’s crazy. I think it’s the best tour of our life, after 40 years. We are with an incredible show, with a very special stage, celebrating 40 years, going through our lives through our songs, with a show with the one that our fans who have come to see us before are going to freak out, because we are doing something very special. And most importantly, doing ‘sold out’ in all the places where we play in Spain, in America, everywhere. It’s awesome “Summers said.

“The important thing is the quality of this year, not the quantity of concerts. We have done many times more, we can do more, what happens is that we wanted to select a little and do concerts to celebrate this 40th anniversary. We are living the best moment of our lives. We are enjoying more than ever, we have an ever-wider range of people, from children to grandparents. The whole family goes,” added Molina.

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