Encarni Bonillo and Marta Garriga faced each other in the delivery of Pasapalabra issued on Thursday, April 13. The first debuted that day in the Antena 3 space and went to the table after eliminating Perte in the blue chair.

The duel of the two participants for the jackpot is a historic milestone, since it is the first time that two women compete in the rosco in this new stage of the format. It is something that had not happened in three years, since the production returned to Atresmedia in 2020.

The chain’s website indicates that in all this time the duels had been “at best, mixed.” Nacho Mangut was one of the contestants who opened this stage and ended up facing Pablo Díaz, who took 1,828,000 euros in July 2021.

Sofía Álvarez, who won a pot of 466,000 euros in September 2021, has never had a woman as an opponent. Later came the long streak of Orestes Barbero, who said goodbye after 360 deliveries and many months fighting against Rafa Castaño. This earned 2,272,000 euros by completing the donut in March 2023.

The confrontation on Thursday, April 13 in Pasapalabra ended in a tie, so none of the contestants will have to go through the blue chair on Friday the 14th. Both competed for 208,000 euros.

Marta reached 21 hits on her first round of the rosco. Encarni stayed behind for most of the test. She managed to put 20 letters in green when she passed the z. Her opponent added two more hits and she decided to stand with 23. The rookie had very little time to try to match her mark.

Roberto Leal reviewed the situation: “You would have to get three without mistakes to tie. You have eight seconds. You would have time.” The contestant skipped a definition and was able to give three correct answers, with a final word that she entered as the timer reached zero.

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