The fear, let’s face it, makes us. We are destabilized, leaving us without sleep and, given the case, we loosened the sphincters. But who resists. Someone said that our fascination with the shock of it has to do with the indisputable fact that we are all children. Is not that what we were, also, is that what we remain. The problem is that each time, that the passage of time, it costs us more to admit it. And, therefore, any excuse is good to recover as attractive as it is disturbing feeling of being lost. Fascinates us in spite of how cloudy (or precisely for this reason), to go back to being helpless, fearful, scared… as that distant and first time. Puts us screaming. Some more than others, but puts us.

so far this week, I have to confess, I’ve messed it up. I had no paste eye, by order, that Spain is broke again, that Brussels will not accept the Budget, which the Supreme acertara in something, that, to the step that goes, the CIS predicted the absolute majority of the INGSOC… In effect, the professionals and columnists of fear, that is, live their days of glory. And in these I stopped to see the series of haunted houses of the season. And no, I am not referring so much to the Parliament, which also, like The curse of Hill House. Basically, that is because the series of the year recovers the old tradition of buildings livestock that you have in Another turn of the screw, Henry James, his place of honor and in The haunted mansion, Robert Wise, your movie reference. In fact, the creation of Mike Flanagan for Netflix returns to the text of Shirley Jackson who so influenced Stephen King and is also based the film cited. The really successful of the series is its ability and skill to always be in the midst of all the doubts. And all the fears. The building is not so much the luxury residence of the ghosts of other worlds as the dwelling-place intimate of the darkest fears of Nell Crain, and brothers. And of our own. If you want to, the house is simply a catalyst, an amplifier of that false step which so well described to us as humans that we are always helpless in the face of death. Much better, yes, the first five chapters the remaining five. Brilliant, virtuosity in plane sequence of the sixth; doubtful loans evident from The Leftovers, and moving to tears, to that end, an indispensable.

If you want to, The curse… it can be considered as the last and best exponent of the new space that occupies the fear among us. As the own religion, in low hours, the horror inspires such devotion because it placed the believer before the acceptance of their helplessness. We are so vulnerable when we admit the secret of the sacred, at once fascinating and terrifying, as when we abandon ourselves to the certainty awe of the unknown, of what makes us suffer, of the fear. The fear, as it has become clear in the Parliament and in the house of the Hill, he puts us. Amen.

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